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there is fiction in the space between

you and reality

Tracy Chapman fans
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This is a community for fans of the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/guitar player/all around awesome person Tracy Chapman. Anything and everything related is welcome!


Where You Live (2005)
Let It Rain (2002)
Collection (2001)
Telling Stories (2000)
New Beginning (1995)
Matters of the Heart (1992)
Crossroads (1989)
Tracy Chapman (1988)


Other Sites
About Tracy Chapman*
Tracy Chapman--A Living Legend*
Elektra.com: Tracy Chapman
VH1.com: Tracy Chapman
Rock on the Net: Tracy Chapman

*includes guitar tabs
a hundred years, acoustic guitar, across the lines, allthatyouhave is your soul, almost, another sun, atthispoint in my life, bang bang bang, be careful ofmy heart, behind the wall, born to fight, bridges, broken, cold feet, collection, crossroads, devotion, dreaming on a world, elektra, elektra records, fast car, first try, folk, folk rock, for my lover, for you, freedom now, give me one reason, goodbye, guitar, happy, hard wired, heaven's here on earth, i am yours, i used tobea sailor, i'm ready, if not now..., if these arethe things, in the dark, it's ok, less than strangers, let it rain, material world, matters of the heart, mountains o' things, music, nelson mandela, new beginning, nothing yet, open arms, over in love, paper and ink, remember the tinman, rock, say hallelujah, she's got her ticket, short supply, singer-songwriters, smoke and ashes, so, speak the word, subcity, talkin' bout a revolution, tell it like itis, telling stories, the love that youhad, the only one, the promise, the rape ofthe world, this time, tracy chapman, tufts, tufts university, unsung psalm, wedding song, why?, woman's work, writing music, you're the one