GrayLizardScorpio (graylizscorpio) wrote in tracychapman,

A Tracy Chapman Musical?

I've been rolling this idea around in my head for a while. What if I wrote a musical using only Tracy Chapman songs! It would be great. There are so many meaningful stories woven into each beautiful song she writes. It would certainly be a much more interesting story than "Mamma Mia!", not that I didn't love "Mamma Mia!" (Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep were awesome as Sophie and Donna.)

I could start it off with the song "Fast Car", imagining that this is a story about a young woman struggling to take care of her drunk father. This girl can suggest to her boyfriend that they flee town together, as she is desperate to get out of her personal hell. They finally run off together, but her boyfriend soon grows disinterested in her...cue "The Love That You Had." And so on...

I'm just not sure how you write a musical. I mean, do you just write a dialogue with the corresponding beats, and enter in lyrics where you want to song to happen? I've never seen a script for a musical before. And do you chose only parts of a song to sing, or do they usually insert whole songs into musicals? Tracy Chapman obviously has some great stories to tell, and I think it'd be a mistake not to expand on these stores and bring them to a stage or screen somewhere.
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